Café Aurora

May 3, 2023

Note to self : No Al fresco dining until after Summer



February 24, 2023

Thoroughly enjoyed our post Valentine’s Dinner date. Metiz‘s 8 course menu was creative, playful and bursting with flavour. Glad we tried something new!

Food 💯 

Vibe 💯 

Service 💯 

The sorbet was quite refreshing after the main course. Some Colombian Rum shots to end the night — husband was happy!

Trippy 🫧

October 21, 2022

ArtScience Museum in Singapore, great place for children and adults alike.

lol 😆

What is effort? The dictionary says it’s a vigorous or determined attempt. For us, it could be picking up the phone to call a friend, saying yes to a quick morning exercise and no to that extra piece of cookie, clearing out your e-mail, or dressing up for date night with your spouse, in an attempt to keep the friendship going, to stay healthy, to work effectively, or to stay in love.

Watching my toddler grow up and explore the world around her got me thinking, how do I show her that effort is important, and that effort is perhaps what gets you somewhere. I mean, along with patience and perseverance, effort sits in between. Truth be told, we’re still struggling on patience 😅 but we still have a long way to go anyway.

Praise their effort, not the outcome. That’s what they always say.

Another interesting take on effort : The All-Important Difference Between Effort and Effectiveness

What do you think?

Sala Restaurant

Three cheese and spinach sformato, watercress arugula, walnut, and pear
Guinea fowl and porcini agnolotti with tartufata cream
Wagyu tenderloin, short rib and bone marrow croquette, carrot and thyme purée, grain mustard and chive jus
Marinated strawberries, fennel seed ice cream, almond tuile

Taylor Hawkins

March 28, 2022

R I P 🖤

Photo Credit : Instagram @TaylorHawkins
Photo Credit : Andrew Ogilvy
Photo Credit : OJC Pics

It’s good to be back

March 12, 2022

in Paradise ✨

Paradise ✨

March 10, 2022


February 23, 2022

Here’s a Playlist 🖤


Keeping the Faith

December 22, 2021

Miracles in Paris: A Lesson on Keeping The Faith

Chanced upon this excerpt on Instagram. An apt description of pandemic life or what seems like one extreeeemely long entire year (that is 2020-2021).

Let’s look forward to a brighter new year, shall we? For now… enjoy the holidays!

Merry Christmas 🎄


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