I had a hair cut.

November 26, 2009

Initially, I wanted to grow my hair really long, like up until the waist. But I discovered a Japanese salon located 5 minutes away from my flat.

It took me 1 phone call and a few pages from Zimbio.com. The next thing I know, I was having my hair examined by Ryoko Yasuda in Sei Salon. She’s a sweetie. I wanted Agyness’ new cut which I found online:

Agyness Deyn

But Ryoko educated me on my face shape and how I should choose cuts that will give a better structure on my soft asian features. So, instead, I got new fringes and a short bob. Happy nevertheless.

I like Ryoko, she was so nice and sweet. She showed me ways on how I can style my new hair. The haircut was pretty expensive but it was a good experience overall.

Ryoko Yasuda of Sei Salon: 6F Republic Glass Building, Salcedo St. Legaspi Village Makati


Holga Gaga.

November 25, 2009

This season, I want to learn how to lomo my way with a Holga.


On my latest trip to Hong Kong, I found out that the Holga camera was created by a Chinese man named Mr. T.M. Lee. In a heart beat, I searched for a Lomography Store in hope of finding cheap Lomo cameras. Luckily, I found one at a supermarket in Time Square- the aisle gloriously inviting me with all the colorful gadgets. Holgas, Dianas and LCAs were all lined up in one corner and looking at all the funky colors made me want to buy everything. I finally settled with a Holga starter kit, as I am a newbie in this field.

My Holga Starter Kit

My first roll was a bit of a disaster. I need to know how to layer photos and snap more candid, casual shots. And for some reason, my photos have no vignettes whatsoever. Isn’t that supposed to be the flaw of Holgas? Help…

I have 5 more Fuji rolls to burn. Quite excited to see the outcome 🙂

Manila, PH

I like:

1. DigiPrint : Film to CD transfer costs P155 (Free Delivery to your doorstep) http://www.digiprint.com.ph

2. Jennifer Castillo: She sells 120 Films (P200-P240) Text 0905-4206606

Hello world!

November 24, 2009

37 days before year 2010… hmm.

Welcome to my blog.


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