The Power of Now!

October 20, 2010

The road to happiness ūüôā

The book The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle is a light read book for those who are eager to feed their souls with enlightenment. Upon reading this book, I realized that I have been a firm believer of most of Tolle’s teachings that are shared in his best seller even prior to reading it. Upon learning more of his philosophies on the¬†transformation of human consciousness, it made me become more aware of my thoughts, actions and words. It made me think beyond my emotions and my ego, “a mental image of who we are, based on our personal and cultural conditioning”, as Tolle defines it.

Many of us are caught up in the superficial world of power, wealth, vanity and extravagance. We are buried in a world full of anxiety and worries, thoughts and images of a negative nature. Why? Because many of us are not conscious. Many are not awaken. Many are not living. Defining the moment of consciousness, awakening and living is an important tool of achieving happiness and what better way to put it than defining the power of NOW.

In the book, the importance of living in the present is a key to becoming conscious.¬†The past has already happened. You cannot alter it any more. Whereas the future has not even happened yet. The only thing that exists is NOW. In reality, many people choose to suffer with hopes of achieving happiness in the future. Many people dwell on the past with hopes of forgetting and forgiving in the future. But when exactly is that future? When is the right time to tell the mind, “Hey, wake up!”. Our ego sometimes tells us to become stubborn in ways we cannot at times understand. We let it overpower our emotions and our mind, making us unaware of what we really want and what we really feel. Trying to let go of the ego is not an easy task. But it is somehow ¬†easier to be aware of the ego’s presence, and connect to the¬†deeper sense of self. Tolle asks his readers to “Listen to that voice inside you and listen to what it is saying”. The mind is so powerful that it can zoom in and zoom out on these thoughts and dissect the emotions, making way to clarity and self-actualization.

There are more ways and exercises on how to become conscious and move towards enlightenment in the book The Power of Now. It is a great way to learn the potential and greatness of the human mind to which many of us have forgotten.

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