It’s a colorful world!

March 30, 2012

Bling Duck Shoot in Puerto Galera :

♥  ♥  ♥


Come on now

March 26, 2012

When men regress (i think they really do at some point in their life), the girl friends or wives take into consideration the many excuses their men spit out because of their love and patience- as natural character of women. When a man cheats, lies, gambles repeatedly or  basically becomes of distinguishing quality, it is not surprising for women to stay or take them back just because they are afraid of opening their eyes and seeing the truth.

Just this past week, I have heard a number of stories from emotional women because of their significant others. And no matter how logical I present my opinion about the situation, it can become taxing because sometimes, all I can do is stay by their side. As a friend, it is important to state all the facts and give them strength while remembering to be sensitive to their feelings.  But when you feel that the man of your friend is really up to no good, it is important to fight for that opinion. A difficult role, of course it is easier said than done, but someone has to do that job. Though I’m a firm believer of change (yeeea men change- well, at least SOME do), it is also important to let your friends be and well… hope for the very best.

To my girl friends, some stronger than the other, some weak as can be. All i can say is, don’t be afraid (It’s okay to be single : ) hehehe…) Though this song is about forgiveness, it’s not mandatory to forget. In some cases, it is wiser not to forget so you don’t end up being taken advantage of the second time around.


And mainly because I like this song, so i just decided to include it here. Ha! xx


After posting The Jennifer Aniston Shoes here in my blog, I finally got myself a pair : )

Zara Spring-Summer 2012 Collection

v happy ♥ ♥ ♥


p.s. sorry for my not so photogenic feet ; )

San Frantasy, SOLD.

March 24, 2012

Francesca The Creative‘s opening night in Trilogy Canteen was a success! 4 of her works were sold in mere hours of the exhibit’s opening.

Here are a few shots I took from the event.






So proud of my friend! Catch the ongoing exhibit this month in Trilogy Canteen along Rada St. Legaspi Village Makati. xx

(I wanna) Fall

March 21, 2012


Nina Ricci

I know it’s summer and vibrant colors would be the more appropriate choice. However, I am now liking the somber goth look of the coming fall.

I like how they look all mysterious and sultry with a dash of rock and roll.

Anyway, here’s a lullaby for those still up this midnight. Sweet dreams x

Sites to see…

March 21, 2012

Along with websites Coolhunter and, TRENDLAND is another site that I often visit. It has a little bit of everything, like a one stop shop of art, culture, design, fashion and photography.

And just recently, I learned about German photographer Oliver Rath. Now a fan of his style (kinda reminds me of Juergen Teller and Terry Richardson).

because I can’t sleep

March 20, 2012

Monday night is always boxing + Jamba juice night with my best friend Ange. I would be asleep by now but for some reason, I am wide awake going through random music videos online. Maybe it’s the energy I got from an intense work out. Whatever it is, here I am writing my way to sleep. And while I’m at it, I would like to share with you my excitement for the days to come.

Summer is my all time favorite because I get to plan trips that simply require shorts & flip flops. And for this year, I am happy (extremely delighted!!!) to say that I will finally be exploring Bohol! And on my birthday!!! My good friend Melissa was sweet enough to say yes to my invite. Since my birthday this year falls on Good Friday and normally everyone in Manila has plans on Holy Week, I’m glad that she’s game to spend her holiday with ME! Hehe! So yes, I will be turning 28 underwater in Bohol with Melissa and all the beautiful fishies in the Philippines. A quiet and different birthday, but that’s just the start. Can’t wait to know what 28 will feel like. Gaaah! 🙂

But before that, I get to travel again to Puerto Galera (2nd time this year!). Haven’t been to Puerto Galera in years – last time was back when I was still in university- and just recently I went there to check out the Malasimbo Festival (awesome stuff) and now, will be back this end of March for some fun work. Yaaay!

Now all I have to figure out are my weekends after Holy Week and before Labor day in May. I’m booked for Boracay this end of April, so is half of the people in Manila for sure. Anyway, this year I’m looking forward to seeing different destinations in the Philippines. I have been traveling abroad for the past few years so I told myself, this year I should see more of my own country. Mindanao is still on my list!!!

Anyway, it’s almost 2 so good night amigos. Will finally crawl into my bed and hopefully fall asleep  xx

You will find

March 18, 2012

L            o            v            e                                t     h    i   s    s  o   n    g

Moonlight will fall

Winter will end

Harvest will come

Your heart will mend…

Gucci Shoes

Gucci Shoes


Celine Shoes


perfect for this year’s city summer nights

While I was browsing online, I saw this at the side panel of a website. The line Korean, educated and female? Find a matchmaker was screaming at me, like it was downright difficult to not mind it, and not click it for that matter. So yes I found myself read through the short article about successful or educated Korean women in Seoul taking refuge in matchmaking  companies as their worried mothers wish for the best. According to the article, there is “an unfavorable perception toward too smart women” in Korea thus making it difficult for them to find their own match. I would think that in other parts of the world, this same sentiment is shared by today’s career women. Not that I am affected by this article (mmm, slightly glad ?), but it made me think of the reasons why this is an important issue for women nowadays.

I only have a number of single girl friends since most of my friends are happily coupled, perhaps waiting for the next step in their lives. Well, my single friends and I would discuss how we feel that the quest for hot, sexy, smart and competent men exist nowhere near Manila, unless of course you break it down to just hot, just smart or sadly… just rich. Going back to these successful career women, obviously they live up to certain standards that make it difficult for them to see eye to eye with a man. Having high standards does eliminate a big chunk of men. Not to mention cutting out the married ones, the young ones and the gay ones. Sigh.

Amazingly enough, more and more Koreans are embracing this modern way of finding love (or companionship). Imagine having to pay almost a thousand bucks to actually meet someone?? They should just spend that money in traveling, they might have a higher chance of meeting someone, and/or if not, at least have a great time! Anyway, the way I see it, the smarter women get, the more they realize that they should not put up with reckless or useless incompetent men. As simple as it can be!

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