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Small world

June 24, 2012

They say “everyone is, on average, approximately six steps away, by way of introduction, from any other person on Earth“. And in Manila, 6 steps may actually mean 6 steps away from where you’re standing in the club. Going out in Manila is like being in University where it’s a big campus, yet somehow you always end up seeing the same faces. On good circumstances, you end up meeting these familiar faces through a friend, a friend of a friend or even better, inebriated friendly moments. However, as a rule in life, there is always this ‘exception’. This person I see sporadically in clubs, with quick glances and eye contact, seem almost impossible to meet. Like a clandestine affair, I actually enjoy seeing him on random occasions as if I really know him. I have no idea who he is and that feeling of intrigue is exactly what tickles my fancy. Who knows when I get to meet him.

It’s a small world after all. Hehe ; )

Day & Night

June 23, 2012

Scent is very much an important detail for me. There are certain scents that remind me of my childhood memories, of remarkable heart warming moments and of unforgettable past lovers.

Sadly you cannot smell things online, so here’s a visual feast on my daily fragrances for this season.

Here’s me during the day…


and me on most nights…



This month, I will be attending a wedding of a good friend of mine. Still thinking of what to wear as the bride’s secondary sponsor, I wish I had these in my closet… *Sigh* Givenchy knows best!!!

Details: Givenchy Fall 2011 Couture | Paris Haute Couture

Inspiration: Birds of Paradise

Details: Givenchy Spring 2012 Haute Couture

Inspiration: 1927 Fritz Lang movie Metropolis and Aelita: Queen of Mars

What time is it?

June 17, 2012

A Mango a day

June 15, 2012

keeps my grin all day ; )

What’s inside???


Today was such a long day. After a long night w friends, a very short sleep, an early staff meeting, a quick lunch, a whole afternoon leadership seminar in AIM (Love John Maxwell & Seth Godin!) and a quick mall trip (Hello, Mango Sale!), here I am stuck in Friday Pay Day traffic.

Here, see above, is my little companion sitting pretty on the passenger’s seat, all quiet & poised. We would love to join in on the fun and party on tonight, but I’m quite exhausted and work load- a photo shoot, is waiting tomorrow morning. So that was and will be my weekend, for now. Hope yours is as busy and exciting as it can be  ♥

Happy Independence Day!

June 12, 2012

Today, I feel great : ) So many questions in my head, but somehow I feel like there is something in the air… something fresh.

I would like to share this great energy, so here’s something for you my friends.

Live & Let go! ; )

Only then you will find your freedom




I know

Caught up in the middle

I cry, just a little

When I think of letting go

Oh no Gave up on the riddle

I cry, just a little

When I think of letting go

We’re just

June 12, 2012

Boarding & Sailing

June 9, 2012



I haven’t really been posting photos of myself and my friends here in my blog. So here’s a start of something new..

After falling and getting bruised from downhill long boarding, I decided to take an easy Saturday with some friends. The sun was out again so we decided to sail and get a bit of color. Here are photos of myself & my friends, representing the Philippines, Korea, Sweden, Germany & America.




Big Kiss :*

Pool Time

June 8, 2012

Because the Sun came out * * *

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