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December 24, 2013





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December 20, 2013



Kate Moss, Y U So Hot

December 4, 2013

Hot mommy Kate Moss posing nude for Playboy Magazine’s 60th Anniversary.







She’s turning 40 next month. WOW.

Photos taken from High Snobiety.


Check list ✓

December 2, 2013

At the start of this year, I told myself that I will be traveling once every month. It started off as a New Year’s resolution and now looking back, I am quite pleased that I was able to accomplish it. (Well, almost)

January Boracay July Dumaguete
February Mt. Pinatubo August
March Sagada September Europe
April Siargao October Boracay
May Boracay November Hong Kong
June Batangas December Boracay

75 % are local destinations (and YES, 4 times in Boracay – obviously a favorite!). August was actually supposed to be Ilo-Ilo. Sadly, I had to cancel my flight because I needed to save some money for my Europe Trip. If anything, the 4 countries i visited in Europe should offset the month of August. Hehe!

In any case, I was able to do it! Now that it’s the last month of 2013, I am starting to think of my new goals for 2014. Inspired and motivated.. I promise myself that I will stick to my goals and make sure that just like this year, I should be able to say New Year’s Resolution ✓ CHECK


December 2, 2013

close your eyes. visualize.

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