6 years….

November 25, 2015


Wow. It has been six years since I signed up in WordPress. I was 25 then. A lot has changed, definitely… and looking back, I am quite pleased and thankful. Though I have gone through some trials and personal tribulations, I know am fortunate for having survived a heartache, death in the family and a quarter life career crisis.

There are people that are simply born lucky and free of problems. And then there are people that strive and choose happiness. Apparently, there is scientific proof that Happiness is a Choice. Having been through highs and lows, I am proud to say that I know myself much better now. I still have quite a number of dreams to fulfill, countries to discover, delicious food to devour and memories to make. And while I’m at it, WordPress will help me reminisce and remember.. that one time I liked a song, that one time I climbed a mountain, wrote an incredible experience or made a travel video.

Happy 6 years kimmychameleon! 🙂

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