Prioritise YOU

March 28, 2019

My friends would always say, “oh you’re so resilient, I admire your strength, you are a very positive person”, and it made me believe that I am perhaps an optimistic person. Someone who tries to see the glass half full, the rainbow after the rain, the silver lining.

Well, the start of this year was truly something else. One of the toughest experience I ever had to go through in my life. It changed me, made me vulnerable, sad and discouraged me in ways I could not have imagined.

But when everything has been said and done, and time creeps up on you, you begin to realise that you are YOU. And what made you become YOU are all these laughters and tears, shouts and whispers, love and prayers you had to go through.

It’s not easy, I know. Some people break and it’s tough. Its tough to go back up and keep it together. But believe me when I say that you are your own happiness. You owe it to yourself to muster all your strength and become a better version of yourself.

3 months have passed and I am here. Still optimistic. Still striving to be that resilient, strong and positive person my friends know. Because maybe I am that person. That person who chooses love, positivity and happiness.



What to watch in Netflix

March 24, 2019

If you love Korean TV shows like me, here are some recommendations from Netflix. Most are Romantic Comedies with a mix of Drama and Suspense.

● Hello, My Twenties! or also called Age of Youth


Hello, My Twenties! is a cute romantic comedy series with 2 seasons at the moment. Five female college students with totally different upbringing and attitudes live in one dorm called the Belle Epoque. Their lives get intertwined and they start to bond as the episodes go along. Another thing that I really loved about this show is their soundtrack for both seasons. Check it out 💗

● Something in the Rain also known as Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food


Something in the Rain is a TV Drama about a 35 year old single career woman reuniting with her best friend’s younger brother after he returns from abroad, turning into a conundrum in the conservative world of Koreans. Some episodes can get a bit heavy and the ending could’ve been done better but all in all, it was a good typical Korean Drama.

Welcome to Waikiki


Welcome to Waikiki is a funny series with three crazy boys running their own hostel. It’s such a feel good show that each episode just gets better and better.

● Stranger also known as Secret Forest


Stranger is a Suspense and Drama K-show about the career life of a straight Prosecutor trying to fight for justice and end corruption within the Police Department, only to find out that there’s an even bigger problem in politics.

● Kingdom


Lastly, one of my favourites, is Kingdom. It’s like a Walking Dead Game of Thrones kind of show, with great cinematography and storytelling. I can’t wait for the second season to arrive. 💀

* These shows mentioned were from 2017 and 2018.

Happy binge-watching!


March 22, 2019

Vientiane is the capital of Laos. The city is a mixture of French-colonial architecture and some Buddhist temples in between.

Getting around Vientiane is a bit of a pain I might say. The tuktuk drivers charge tourists an insane amount for such a short distance, and the whole city is not that pedestrian friendly either. We ended up booking a private car for a half day tour and it came out more reasonably priced.

Our first stop was the Buddha Park, also known as Xieng Khuan. It looked better in photos to be honest but it was nice to see nevertheless. We passed by the Friendship Bridge that leads to Thailand and it was fascinating to see 2 countries beside each other separated by the Mekong River.


Before heading home, we visited the Pha That Luang and the Patuxai, a war monument in the centre of the city, dedicated to those who fought in the struggle for independence from France.



The next day, we walked over to That Dam, a large stupa believed to be inhabited by a seven-headed serpent who tried to protect the Laotians from an invasion by the Siamese army (according to Wikipedia).


A stone’s throw away is a cute little fruit shake and banh mi shop called Sister Nui’s House of Fruit Shakes. They have the BEST Avocado Banh Mi that I have ever tried. It’s so good and cheap that I would highly recommend for you to find this shop.


Another good place for brunch is a crepe restaurant called Suzette. Their crepes and savoury galettes were really yummy, and their coffee was quite good too. If you’re craving for some pizza, try Via Via Pizza, a homey italian restaurant owned by a friendly French couple. For sunset drinks, head over to the famous Bor Pen Nyang, a roof top pub overlooking the Mekong River and the Vientiane Night Market.

Personally, I prefer the Night Market in Luang Prabang because the products they were selling there were more authentic and local. The products you’ll see in Vientiane Night Market are mostly trendy clothing and accessories, electronics and a few souvenirs.

And before you end your day in Vientiane, take a stroll by the Mekong river and wait for that beautiful sunset.


Thanks Laos and Cheers x



Luang Prabang

March 21, 2019

It took us a whole day to get to Laos from the Philippines. Thanks to Philippine Airlines, the most reliable airline in the world (I’m being sarcastic), we missed our flight from Bangkok to Luang Prabang. Luckily, we booked our Bangkok Airways flight through our Marco Polo / Asia Miles and Marco Polo fixed everything for us. They got us a hotel room in Bangkok with free dinner and breakfast, it was amazing! It really pays to be a loyal member of an airline alliance program. Thank you Asia Miles!

Moving on, we arrived in Luang Prabang on a sunny December morning. We stayed in Kiridara Luang Prabang, a nice and serene resort 25 minutes away by foot from the city centre. The service in Kiridara was truly remarkable and the staff are all nice and friendly. Their breakfast buffet was also good and they even have a free shuttle service to and from the city centre. Private day tours in Luang Prabang can be coursed through them as well.





A must when in Luang Prabang:

  1. Hike Kuang Si Waterfalls and take a dip!



Don’t forget to say hello to the bears on the way to the falls.

2. Visit the temples all around town.


3. Go shopping at the Night Market and try Laotian street food.

4. Cross the Bamboo Bridge over the Nam Khan river and have dinner at Dyen Sabai.





5. Last but not the least, take a sip of their very own beer, Beer Lao.




A day in Bruges

March 19, 2019


Bruges, northwest of Belgium, is so quaint and charming, with its canals, cobblestone streets and medieval architecture.

The place is just so picturesque that you can take a lot of instagram worthy shots.



Also, the food in Bruges (or Belgium for that matter) is just so good that you cannot have just one day of waffles, Belgian chocolate and mussels and fries or Moules-Frites as they call it.


Personally, it is worth a visit and no matter what they say about it being touristy, you will definitely end up liking it.

Dutch Zomer ☀️

March 19, 2019

July 2018


Every time I visit the Netherlands, I always stay in Amsterdam. So on my last visit, I made sure to stay in different parts of the country and there’s no better way to see Holland than during summer, don’t you agree?

Groningen, a city in northern Netherlands, is really nice and relaxing. Their central Grote Markt square is not as crowded as Amsterdam but you will see some tourists here and there. It’s nice to just walk around the neighbourhood and observe how the locals live and interact. They have a lot of cute cafes and cozy restaurants, friendly servers and a lot of shopping too.



Giethoorn, one of the most picturesque villages I’ve ever seen, is like a water village in the northeastern Dutch province of Overijssel. It is known for its boat-filled waterways like in Florence and centuries-old thatched-roof houses straight out of a children’s book.

It’s quite easy to get around the Netherlands. You can easily google it or check for their Public Transportation schedule and prices.



Visiting Giethoorn is a nice day trip and is highly recommended.

Another Tourist Day Tour that I would recommend is visiting Zaanse Schans and Volendam. If you want to learn more about the popular Dutch wind mills, clogs, Edam cheese and Stroopwafels, then this tour is definitely for you. I actually found it quite interesting and educational.




Last but not the least is Zandvoort Beach which is just 45 minutes away by train from Amsterdam. It is one of the major beach spots in the Netherlands and has a long sandy beach strip bordered by coastal dunes.

We had dinner and drinks at Ubuntu Strandbar and the vibe was really nice and cool. A perfect way to end my trip.



Fes, a known city at the northeastern part of Morocco, is really beautiful at night. The color combination of warm yellow light with the royal blue sky is just so pretty.



We stayed in Riad Al Makan, a riad just walking distance to Bab Bou Jeloud. Personally the medina in Fes, which I find different from that of in Marrakech, feels more rugged and unsafe.

We did not encounter any problems in Marrakech but in Fes, there were locals that heckled us and tried to get us lost, but because of my unwavering decision, they stopped bothering us and left us.

So, just to warn you, this dishonest scheme is common in Morocco because of the mazelike alleys in the medinas. These locals will trick you into getting lost and then they will ask for payment so they can lead you towards the right direction. Best to keep your guard up at all times and not look like a lost puppy while walking.


There are a few tourist spots in Fes but we decided to go to Chefchaouen, three and a half hours away from Fes. Chefchaouen, located in the northwestern part of Morocco, is one of the most Instagrammable places in the country. It is commonly called the Blue City or the Blue Pearl of Morocco because of the buildings and houses painted in shades of blue.


Chefchaouen is actually a tourist shopping destination as it offers many native handicrafts, wool garments and leather goods. Nearby in the countryside, according to a local we met in one of the cafes, is where you will find Moroccan cannabis.


The drive between Fes and Chefchaouen is actually quite scenic. You’ll see vast land and mountains and hills all over.

The next morning, we flew to Casablanca via Royal Air Maroc and stayed in Ibis Casa Voyageurs. We managed to get a reservation at Rick’s Cafe, a must when in Casablanca!

Casablanca is actually a port city and while walking around town, we noticed the French colonial influence in architecture with a blend of Moorish style and some European art deco too.


Personally, a day in Casablanca is good enough. It was a perfect ender to our great Moroccan trip. And just because it’s Casablanca, as Rick Blaine puts it, “Here’s looking at you, kid.” 😉


Sahara Desert

March 14, 2019

As mentioned in my previous post, we booked a 3 day Desert Tour from Marrakech to Fes via Marrakesh Tours.

Through this tour, we met some new found friends that made our journey even better. Below is the 3 day itinerary of the tour.

DAY 1 : Atlas Mountains, Aït Ben Haddou, Ouarzazate and Dades Gorge

On the way to Aït Ben Haddou, a traditional mud brick city that’s part of the UNESCO World Heritage List, we passed the Atlas Mountains dotted with Berber villages and riven with canyons.

Aït Ben Haddou is a famous tourist attraction and is actually seen in the famous Game of Thrones Season 3.


In Ouarzazate, which is nicknamed the door of the desert, we learned more about the Berber locals and their way of living. Long time ago, Ouarzazate was a small crossing point for African traders on their way to northern Morocco and Europe. Now, it’s known as a noted film-making location. The area is also known for its Ouazguita carpets with geometric designs, which you can buy directly from the village locals.

After a long full day, they took us to a Kasbah in Dades Gorge where we retired for the night.

DAY 2: Todgha Gorge and Merzouga 

Todgha Gorges is a series of limestone river canyons in the eastern part of the High Atlas Mountains.


After that, we crossed a rocky terrain towards Merzouga, a small Moroccan town in the Sahara Desert near the Algerian border. It is known as the gateway to Erg Chebbi, a huge expanse of sand dunes north of town. A camel caravan was waiting for us just in time before the sunset.




The camel ride was a bit of a work out, I must say. It took us around an hour to reach the desert camp, where we stayed overnight. The camp had tents all around and an open space area in the middle where we all gathered as we waited for our dinner.


After dinner, we went star gazing outside the camp. It was such an amazing experience that, looking back, I could not believe that I got to sleep in the Sahara Desert for a night. Truly one for the books!

DAY 3: Ifrane and Fes

By sunrise, we rode our camel back to the hotel where we took a shower, freshened up and had breakfast. That was the last stop of the desert tour. We bid farewell to our new found friends (as they all chose to head back to Marrakech) and went on with our 8-hour drive to Fes. Marrakesh Tours fixed a private car for us. So along the way, we stopped at Ifrane – a cute town with alpine-style architecture. They call it their “little Switzerland” because of the nearby ski slopes and forests.


It was interesting to see how green the north of Morocco is. Even the temperature cooled down and the architecture also looked different.

The drive to Fes was long however fairly easy. The driver dropped us off at our hotel – the start of the last leg of our Moroccan trip, coming up!

Hello Morocco!

March 14, 2019

Middle of June 2018, we decided to spend 10 days in Morocco. It was such a fun and adventurous experience that I want to share with you all our 10 day itinerary. First stop was Marrakech!

Marrakech, situated in western Morocco, has a lot of mosques, palaces and gardens. The walled medieval city has a Medina which is comprised of mazelike alleys where Moroccan souks sell traditional textiles, some pottery, jewellery and leathered goods. At sundown, Jemaa el-Fnaa, the square at the middle of the medina becomes jam-packed with vendors and tourists, a sight to behold from up above, through the roof top terraces of restaurants surrounding it.




We stayed in Riad Chorfa which is walking distance from the centre of the medina. The location is good and the staff are quite nice.

Of course we visited the Majorelle Garden, a two and half acre botanical garden created by the French Orientalist artist Jacques Majorelle. Across it is the YSL Museum, a museum entirely devoted to the work of the legendary fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent. These two are worth visiting, there’s even a restaurant inside in case you want to have lunch or coffee for a quick break from the Moroccan sun.



Outside the medina, you will find the bigger hotels and bars or clubs catering to foreigners. So if you want to have an alcoholic drink, you can visit these bars outside the wall.

We were quite happy that we started in Marrakech because the vibe is just so unique and exotic. Walking around the souks in itself was already an experience. A friendly reminder though, these vendors can get a bit aggressive so learn how to say no in a nice manner and also, be careful when taking photos of their shops and items as they will charge you for taking these photos.

After 3 nights in Marrakech, we joined a 3 day Desert Tour from Marrakech to Fes with the help of Marrakesh Tours. Next post will be all about this Desert Tour 🙂

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