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January 13, 2020


Capas ATV Adventure


Romblon Islands adventure

January 7, 2020


January 7, 2020

Happy new year! I hope you all had a wonderful break.

The end of 2019, I traveled to the Islands of Romblon, an archipelagic province of the Philippines located just above Boracay. Its main islands include Tablas, Romblon and Sibuyan. This holiday was ultimately a backpacker kind of trip. For one, they do not have any 4 or 5 star hotels in these islands. Only small local hotels and inns, b&b’s and the like. Secondly, the only way to get to these islands is by pump boat or the local roll-on/roll-off ferries. Lastly, it’s just so inconvenient to travel between these islands that you super need a lot patience.


While planning for our trip, I realised that there were not many online information regarding how to travel to and around the islands of Romblon. So I hope this post will be helpful as I share with you all how we did it and what we visited.

Day 1 : Cebu Pacific flight from Manila to Tablas / Tricycle ride from airport to Aglicay Beach Resort (Php 500)





Aglicay Beach Resort is quite far from Tablas airport, and even farther to San Agustin Port where we had to be to get to Romblon the next day. But honestly, it was a nice cove and apparently the best resort in Tablas, so personally it was worth visiting.

Day 2 : Tricycle ride from Tablas airport to San Agustin Port (Php 700) / San Agustin Port to Romblon (Pump boat Php 100)

The pump boat in San Agustin Port leaves at 8 am sharp so you better make sure that you are there early because it gets full easily. It’s first come first serve so if you get left behind, the next pump boat leaves at 1 pm.


We arrived in Romblon at 9 am so we had the full day to go around the small island. We hired a tricycle driver to take us to all these sites (Php 1,000). Below are the places we visited :

● Fuerza de San Andres

● Marble workshop

● Reggae Vibes

● BonBon Beach



● Tiamban Beach

Day 3 : Romblon to Sibuyan via Roro at around 7:30 am


We only had a day in Sibuyan but we wished we had stayed longer so we could climb Mount Guiting-Guiting. Instead, we chose to visit Cresta de Gallo, a small island south of Sibuyan. We hired a small pump boat with the help of our B&B (German Terrace) and it took us 2 hours to get there. Really tiring but definitely worth it.

Cresta de Gallo is so beautiful and luckily, we were the only ones there at that time!


I mean look at that.. Amazing!




Day 4 : Sibuyan to Boracay

We wanted to spend New Year’s Eve in Boracay so we pushed ourselves to make it to Caticlan on time. The ferry from Odiongan, Tablas to Caticlan was cancelled so we had to find our own way to Boracay. We rode a jeepney and then a tricycle to get to the southernmost port of Tablas and then hired a pump boat to get to Caticlan. Luckily we found a boatman for Php 4,000. It was quite an adventure, but omg, I would not want to do that again.


While waiting in Magdiwang Port Sibuyan

Day 5 : Boracay 

A great way to end our adventurous Romblon trip. 2 days of just lounging and sun bathing in the island of Boracay bliss.



Wishing you all a great start to 2020! Here’s to more adventures xx

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