April 23, 2020

In the sky over there

I miss you.

Looking away

Standing silently.

My heart is on the street

I strayed without a way.

Days gone by

It’s all packed.

All cloudy memories

Far away

In my empty heart

It’s longing.

In the sky over there

I miss you.

Looking away

Standing silently.

Boracay, Philippines
Spanish Steps, Rome
Louvre, Paris
Opera House, Sydney
Times Square, New York

These vibrant and energetic places, now replaced w a certain emptiness and melancholy.

Amid all this, may we develop discipline, patience, endurance, and good habits ♥️

We can do this!

1997 throwback

April 20, 2020

Remembering feel good music back when I was still in Grade School 🎵

5 weeks and counting

April 14, 2020

A month has passed and we are still on a lockdown. The number of Covid-19 patients have been constantly increasing here in Manila and it seems as if we are still very far from plateauing. It has been a number of Netflix movies and series, Zoom chats and baking sessions, Youtube workouts and yes, the Nintendo Switch is back in action. Work has been almost close to non existent yet the days are going by pretty fast, surprisingly. Now that it has been exactly a month, I am beginning to have anxiety over this whole “uncertainty”. Is the lockdown going to continue for another month? When will work start? Is there really gonna be a #newnormal life post Covid?

What are your thoughts? Are you scared about what’s to come? Will the country’s economy and world economy suffer even more? How long until we can share a meal with friends in our fave restos? How long until we can stop wearing a face mask when we need to go out? Will the virus ever disappear?

My prayers go out to the victims of this deadly virus, those who are fighting for their lives and everyone helping them, all the health workers, front liners risking their own lives to save people, all the families that have lost a loved one, or those who have lost their jobs, also entrepreneurs with businesses that are shut. I’m praying we all get out of this alive and well, wiser and more appreciative of all the simple things in life.

5 weeks and counting… still let’s push through in life with vigor.




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