And at the end of the day

November 17, 2021

Lee Nam Yun – 세상 밖으로 (Outside This World) ♥︎

Am I ready?

November 16, 2021

Life after 2020, what the Pandemic has done


Are you still there? It’s been a long time. Haven’t been in this space for quite a while.

Seems like the country is slowly getting back to normal. Covid rates are lower than ever, at least in our side of the world. People are traveling once again, and malls and restaurants have opened up just in time for Christmas season.

The past two years have been extremely taxing, I suppose for all of us. This invisible deadly virus has given me anxiety I never thought I would have in my life. Honestly still trying to deny the Mysophobia in me, have I gone mad?

Yet, here I am, about to take the first step outside my ‘pandemic bubble’. In a few weeks time, we will be going on a road trip (first time ever since the start of 2020, also a first for my now 1 year old baby). I am truly excited, perhaps slightly nervous, but more so thrilled and ready to get out of our everyday shell.

(More than) Half of my brain is saying “It’s time”, but yeah, a part of me is still wary. Hopefully this trip will make me (and my husband) realise that living life with this reality is worth taking than having to safely watch the world go by inside our little bubble.

I miss the old normal. Maybe I miss the old normal me…



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