Taylor Hawkins

March 28, 2022

R I P 🖤

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en route to Summer Sonic

August 28, 2017

When we found out that Foo Fighters was gonna play in Japan (one of my most favorite countries in Asia!), we instantly said YES. As we have been to Tokyo already, we decided to visit the other cities in Japan as well. So from Osaka, we took a bus to Kyoto, then a bullet train to Yokohama, which is just a train ride away from Tokyo. Definitely a fun week in the land of efficient transportation, delicious food and beautiful gardens and temples 🇯🇵

A few tips for some easy traveling around Japan:

✔️ Rent a Pocket Wifi or in our case, since we have our own pocket wifi, we just purchased an internet SIM card in the airport. Yes you can find free wifi in Japan but having sure connection wherever you go makes it so much easier especially if you need to check google maps for example.

✔️ Get a PASMO card which you can use for the train, bus and even to buy stuff. Before leaving Japan, you can dump all your coins and top up your PASMO card (which you can use on your next Japan trip).

✔️ The iced latte in convenient stores are so good and cheap. Better than the lattes in most Japanese cafes, in my opinion.

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