Be inspired by Steve Jobs. Truly one of the best speeches that inspires everyone to live life to the fullest and live with love and passion.

How to live before you die by Steve Jobs

By Emily Giffin

Emily Giffin’s chick- lit novel, Love the one you’re with, is an easy read. The story is just like any random woman’s story of wanting something she doesn’t have, and not appreciating everything else around her. Ellen Dempsey, the primary figure of the story, marries Andy, the perfect prince charming and brother of her best friend. Shortly after, she then bumps into Leo, her complex ex-boyfriend, in the middle of New York City. And that’s when Ellen’s polished life turned sour.

It’s a simple plot as most women have their very own the one who got away man. Though it is easy to pinpoint the solid line between exploring one’s feelings and cheating, Ellen made her emotions drift making readers easy to resent such a character. Quite similar to what Carrie did in Sex & the City 2 , when she played with fire and kissed her ex, Aidan. I believe that this given scenario is realistic no matter how imprudent it may be. There will always be this one voice saying “No don’t do it, You are playing with fire” yet vivid imaginations and pure emotions cloud logical thinking and practically erase the fact that “hey, you’re bloody married”.

As usual, in any movie or book, the woman gets away with everything because the perfect prince charming husband is always forgiving, loving and mature in so many ways. If only it could be the same in reality. I just hope the Ellen Dempseys in the world will be more sensible and mature. Because the bottom line is, Marriage is not a joke. At least, that’s how I see it.

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