How to make money online???

November 27, 2014

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I attended a meet up 2 days ago and learned about different ways on how you can earn money online. It’s amazing how things have changed so much just because of the Internet. It opened a whole new world for all of us. I’m sure in one way or another, you’ve tried to make a couple of bucks online. There are just so many channels you can use. Some are selling arts & crafts on Etsy, a lot opened an online store on eBay, bloggers started earning through ads and promotions, and others even earn by posting how-to videos on YouTube. The possibilities are endless. And my gosh, I have been living under a rock because I have never even tried to get a piece of the action! Just yesterday, WordPress sent me a happy 5th anniversary message. And what better way to celebrate it, than with a new online project! If you are also thinking of learning on how to start making money online, I would like to share w you what I learned from Ms. Jeng Cua.

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The Power of Now!

October 20, 2010

The road to happiness 🙂

The book The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle is a light read book for those who are eager to feed their souls with enlightenment. Upon reading this book, I realized that I have been a firm believer of most of Tolle’s teachings that are shared in his best seller even prior to reading it. Upon learning more of his philosophies on the transformation of human consciousness, it made me become more aware of my thoughts, actions and words. It made me think beyond my emotions and my ego, “a mental image of who we are, based on our personal and cultural conditioning”, as Tolle defines it.

Many of us are caught up in the superficial world of power, wealth, vanity and extravagance. We are buried in a world full of anxiety and worries, thoughts and images of a negative nature. Why? Because many of us are not conscious. Many are not awaken. Many are not living. Defining the moment of consciousness, awakening and living is an important tool of achieving happiness and what better way to put it than defining the power of NOW.

In the book, the importance of living in the present is a key to becoming conscious. The past has already happened. You cannot alter it any more. Whereas the future has not even happened yet. The only thing that exists is NOW. In reality, many people choose to suffer with hopes of achieving happiness in the future. Many people dwell on the past with hopes of forgetting and forgiving in the future. But when exactly is that future? When is the right time to tell the mind, “Hey, wake up!”. Our ego sometimes tells us to become stubborn in ways we cannot at times understand. We let it overpower our emotions and our mind, making us unaware of what we really want and what we really feel. Trying to let go of the ego is not an easy task. But it is somehow  easier to be aware of the ego’s presence, and connect to the deeper sense of self. Tolle asks his readers to “Listen to that voice inside you and listen to what it is saying”. The mind is so powerful that it can zoom in and zoom out on these thoughts and dissect the emotions, making way to clarity and self-actualization.

There are more ways and exercises on how to become conscious and move towards enlightenment in the book The Power of Now. It is a great way to learn the potential and greatness of the human mind to which many of us have forgotten.

By Emily Giffin

Emily Giffin’s chick- lit novel, Love the one you’re with, is an easy read. The story is just like any random woman’s story of wanting something she doesn’t have, and not appreciating everything else around her. Ellen Dempsey, the primary figure of the story, marries Andy, the perfect prince charming and brother of her best friend. Shortly after, she then bumps into Leo, her complex ex-boyfriend, in the middle of New York City. And that’s when Ellen’s polished life turned sour.

It’s a simple plot as most women have their very own the one who got away man. Though it is easy to pinpoint the solid line between exploring one’s feelings and cheating, Ellen made her emotions drift making readers easy to resent such a character. Quite similar to what Carrie did in Sex & the City 2 , when she played with fire and kissed her ex, Aidan. I believe that this given scenario is realistic no matter how imprudent it may be. There will always be this one voice saying “No don’t do it, You are playing with fire” yet vivid imaginations and pure emotions cloud logical thinking and practically erase the fact that “hey, you’re bloody married”.

As usual, in any movie or book, the woman gets away with everything because the perfect prince charming husband is always forgiving, loving and mature in so many ways. If only it could be the same in reality. I just hope the Ellen Dempseys in the world will be more sensible and mature. Because the bottom line is, Marriage is not a joke. At least, that’s how I see it.

Eat. Pray. Love.

May 29, 2010

Good Read

I just finished reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s best seller entitled Eat, Pray, Love, a true story based on her own life as a 30-something year old American woman. At the start of the novel, I noticed how heavily depressed she was and how stupid I felt reading about her anxieties and despair.  In my mind, I wanted to say, “Stop whining lady! There’s poverty and war in the world and you are depressed because of… what?” The origin for her intense depression was somehow not crystal clear to me , as she reasons her divorce with her ex husband and her love/hate relationship with her ex lover. Did she break up with her husband for a chance to be with another man? (I am actually looking forward to the film adaptation for me to truly understand this issue.)

In any case, the first part of the book, set in the stunning and charming capital of Italy, was written with sheer delight inspired over what may be one of the best cuisines in the whole world. With her quick-witted and thorough narration of her experiences in Italy in learning the culture, the language and their God-sent food, I found myself laughing with her in her encounters. I visualized and reminisced on Rome, which is one my favorite cities in Europe. I tried to remember how the Piazzas and the fountains looked like, and how in each small street or alley, one is bound to find a gelateria, a trattoria or an osteria. I would generally assume that it is common for depressed and bothered people to take refuge in food… I mean delicious, mouth watering food. And reading the EAT part of the book, lightened up my feeling towards Elizabeth as she tried to put herself together in preparation for a greater journey ahead of her.

As I got to the PRAY part of the book, I found myself learning more about meditation and Hinduism. This chapter was a big change from her Italian journey as she eloquently described her spiritual journey in that small Ashram in a remote rural village in Mumbai, India. I mean I could easily picture the contrast of dusty India and cobblestoned Italy. However, this spiritual journey of hers made me applaud her as it took her strength and a lot of patience in her pursuit of devotion.

Finally, after all the drama in her life, and 8 months away from the bustling New York City life of hers, she found peace and contentment (as it appears). When I was reading through the last part of the book, LOVE, I felt that something in her changed. She was actually happily chilling in Ubud, a town in the middle of the island in Bali, Indonesia (the last setting of her 1 year hiatus). Naturally, everything is a love story.  And in this chapter (at long last!),  she indeed found love, sex, romance and everything a woman would need after eating all the pasta & pizza in Rome, all the scrubbing of the floors in the tiny Indian Ashram and all the conversations over coffee with a toothless Balinese healer.

Well done Elizabeth. You are finally living.

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