March 2, 2020

My dream wedding

March 5, 2019


Did you guess right?

After comparing all our shortlisted venues, we ended up choosing the very first venue we visited 😍 Carton House was pretty much all we imagined our wedding to be. Simple, classic, old world and easy. Their in-house wedding coordinator, Fionnuala, was very accommodating and organised. With the help of our own wedding planner Maria, who was very helpful and dependable, they made our wedding planning from abroad so much easier.

   Here are some photos of the venue: the Gold Salon, Drawing Room and the Morrison Room.



It was like a dream come true… an intimate party of 70, with family and friends from around the world. It was indeed one of the best days of my life ❤️


We had a catholic church wedding at St. Patrick’s Church in Trim Co. Meath, around 30 minutes away from Kildare. Thanks to AT&T Chauffeurs, I made it just in time.

Wedding photos taken by Sebastian Felisiak.


Hi Daddy…

June 4, 2015

Thank you for being a great father to me and my sister. I know life was not easy, trying to figure out how to give us the best things in life. I saw you struggle, I saw you stressed, I saw you working really hard. I am sorry for that…

Thank you for providing me a comfortable home, good education and for teaching me the values that I would want to pass on to my own children. You taught me how to be independent, strong and resilient. You taught me the value of hard work, of money and of life. Down to the last 8 years of your life here on earth, you continued to be strong and patient. Even though we all knew how painful and tough it was for you. I am sorry for that…

Thank you for being a good teacher. I am who I am right now because of you. I know you are in a happier place now and I am glad that the pain and suffering is over. Always remember that I will always love you and that I will always remember you as the loving and caring father I grew up with. The good memories will always be in my heart and mind.

You are now free, daddy. I love you… May you rest in peace ♥


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